Saudi Arabia is considering increasing the number of its dams to more than double


How many dams does Saudi Arabia currently have?

521 dams

Where are most existing dams located?

In Asir there are 86 dams and Riyadh has 72 dams

The Saudi authorities announced that a study will be conducted to build 1,000 new dams, which will join the kingdom’s 521 dams system.

Today, Tuesday, the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper stated that a recent report issued by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture indicated that 11 new dams had been added during 2019, bringing the total to 521 dams in various regions.

She indicated that the Ministry is in charge of maintenance and operation in it, and that a study is underway to establish an additional 1000 dams for the system.

The report pointed out that the Ministry had established a new department named “Dam Operation and Maintenance Department”, to which all tasks and responsibilities related to the operation and maintenance of dams and their contracts were transferred.

The Ministry’s report confirmed that the hydrological network devices were also operated to collect water monitoring information, a bulletin of daily rainfall rates was issued, and 31 additional stations were installed to measure rainwater.

The Kingdom’s dams are distributed in most regions, as it has 86 dams in the Asir region, 72 dams in the Riyadh region, 40 dams in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, and 34 dams in the Al-Baha region.

It also owns 27 dams in the Hail region, 26 dams in the Madinah region, 18 dams in the Najran region, 11 dams in the Qassim region, and finally the Jizan region with ten dams.


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