Saudi Arabia hosts them and launches campaigns against them .. What is behind the attack on the leaders of the Yemeni legitimacy and why now?


It was not long before Saudi Arabia announced a new mechanism to implement the Riyadh agreement between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council (supported by the Emirates) until Saudi writers and activists launched a massive smear campaign that this time affects the symbols and leaders of legitimacy hosted by the Kingdom for nearly six years.

Observers denounced the boldness that prompted a Saudi book, activists, and analysts to describe Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, Vice President of the Republic of Yemen as terrorism and employment – a man of wide influence and close relations with the Kingdom for decades – if there was no green light and indirect instruction to them from the circles of the Saudi regime itself.

Analysts see the attack on the leaders of Yemeni legitimacy as a prelude to removing Al-Ahmar from the scene (Al-Jazeera)

Deliberate distortion
The campaign coincided with a similar incitement led by Yemeni media and channels funded by Abu Dhabi, as it hosted Saudi analysts and figures from Riyadh who insulted Al-Ahmar, including Hassan al-Shehri, who accused the man of supporting al-Qaeda, terrorism and employment for Turkey.

According to Presidential Adviser Abdul Aziz Jabbari, this is not the first time that the President of the Republic Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi and his deputy and the rest of the leaders have been insulted, and it will not be the last. Houthis on Sanaa in 2015 by camouflaging it as his family.

The chancellor, Jabbari, asked President Hadi to return to the country, and he addressed him, saying: “Whoever has left his home will decrease his fate, Mr. President, come back and all the Yemeni leaders are counted.”

In the face of this issue, Al-Jazeera Net spoke with the Undersecretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Information Muhammad Qizan, and stated that they sent an official letter to the Saudi Ministry of Information to protest against these campaigns led by writers and activists or those that were launched by some Saudi newspapers such as Okaz newspaper.

According to Qizan, the Saudi authorities have responded that they do not accept any offense to the leaders of the legitimate government and the presidency because, according to their description, they are hosted by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and said that they will take appropriate measures against the people and entities that participated in the campaign.

In the same direction, two sources headed by the Republic of Yemen and the Red Office confirmed that they sent separate letters to the relevant authorities of the Saudi government demanding to clarify its official position, and according to the sources they were informed that the Kingdom refuses to offend the symbols of Yemeni legitimacy, and that the names and entities participating in the defamation campaigns will be held accountable.

why now?
On the reason for choosing this timing to attack the symbols of legitimacy in Yemen, Qizan said that there are Emirati kitchens and some Saudi activists close to them launching these campaigns in order to thwart the Riyadh agreement, and mixing the cards through continuous distortion of Hadi and Al-Ahmar and some ministers for the purpose of political blackmail.

Rather, Yemeni journalist Mohammed Al-Ahmadi views the latest campaign as part of Riyadh’s policies to weaken legitimacy and its symbols, leading to the imminent abolition of it, and the replacement of illegal entities in its place.

“Saudi Arabia is witnessing a terrible repressive reality, and it does not allow any voice outside the official version of its policies or events and situations, and therefore such voices cannot be permitted unless they are with a green light from the Saudi leadership,” Al-Ahmadi added to Al-Jazeera Net.

According to the same spokesman, there are ambitions in Yemen and Abu Dhabi that are no longer hidden, and therefore they are seeking to place the leaders of the Yemeni state under intimidation, for fear of any possible opposition to their destructive projects, in the wake of the so-called mechanism to accelerate the implementation of the Riyadh agreement.

Red offset
On the other hand, the researcher and political activist Adnan Hashem says that the Saudi-Emirati coalition has a desire to change the Yemeni vice president, and this campaign is to justify all of this, he said.

Hashem reports – in his interview with Al-Jazeera Net – that the situation between the Saudi leadership and Red has not been fine for years due to the Emirati intelligence reports that the Saudi leadership has been relying on since the war began, as Abu Dhabi believes that the man is a stumbling block to its plans in southern Yemen and enabling the “transitional” From implementing his political plans to the new government.

He continues, “The legitimate government is facing a bad stage where it is targeting the allies, and the displacement of the Red is in the interest of the Houthis, who consider the man their archenemy and will abort the continued support of the tribes to the legitimate government in the face of the Houthis, and accordingly, Saudi officials believe that the removal of the man will support compatibility with the Houthis.”


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