Saudi Arabia .. dismantling a gang committed 250 theft




Saudi Security Forces – Archive

Major district police spokesman Major Khaled al-Kreidis, assistant to the media spokesman for the Riyadh police, announced the arrest of a gang that committed 250 theft against high-tension cables.

He said: “The security follow-up to the crimes of assaulting the funds and tracking the perpetrators resulted in the arrest of a neurotic group consisting of 7 expatriates of both Bangladeshi and Pakistani nationalities.”

He added: “They have been proven involved in theft of 250 incidents of theft of copper cables and electrical circuit breakers, valued at 3 million and 750 thousand Saudi riyals.”

He continued: “The crimes were committed at sites belonging to the Electricity Company in the neighborhoods of Al-Sahafa – Al-Olaya – Al-Malaz – Al-Ma’athar – Manfuha – Al-Azizia – Al-Shifa – Dirab – Al-Manar – Al-Naseem – Al-Naseem – Al-Rawda – Al-Hamra, and a part of the loot was found hidden in a break in Al-Remal neighborhood and delivered The company, also seized with them sharp and solid tools used in the implementation of their crimes. ”

He pointed out that all the defendants were arrested and all regular measures taken to refer them to the Public Prosecution.

Source: “Saudi agencies”


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