Saudi Arabia dazzles the world again – Al-Watan newspaper


We congratulate the elder sister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its impressive, renewed and renewed success of the Hajj this year, which carried the slogan of “a healthy and safe Hajj”.The Kingdom mocked tremendous efforts as it used to in every pilgrimage season, but this time it doubled despite the limited number of pilgrims who were confined to only inside the Kingdom, in order to ensure the safety of the guests of Rahman because of the presence of the Corona pandemic, which threatened to postpone the pilgrimage this year, but thanks to God and then the efforts witnessed To the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, this delay did not happen, which made Saudi Arabia enter a specific type of challenge, represented in the management of the Hajj season in the shadow of a pandemic threatening human lives, and praise be to God, the Kingdom has succeeded efficiently and competently, outperforming all that hampers or marred this pilgrimage The year is everyone’s testimony.

Given the Kingdom’s competence and competence in managing the pilgrimage, there is no consolation for the hate who, since Saudi Arabia’s announcement of the pilgrimage this year, attempted to question the success of Saudi Arabia, taking advantage of the conditions and controls set by Saudi Arabia, within their desperate attempts to undermine the Kingdom, an annual campaign launched by the media of Al-Hamidin, the Muslim Brotherhood and the saint The jurist for their ultimate goal and their greatest dream is the internationalization of the Two Holy Mosques, which is far from them and their malevolent systems; Saudi Arabia quickly turns things in its favor like every year, and the world is fascinated by its great and distinguished success in organizing and managing the pilgrimage, even in this year in which its circumstances differ from its precedents, but the result is the same, and it is the remarkable success and mighty and remarkable.

The success of the Hajj season this year with its precautionary measures and great facilities provided by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, unquestionably affirms that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia owes it success, success, excellence, quality, and perfection in every work that is determined to be carried out, as the levels of implementation take the utmost care to ensure Success after the success of God, and this is the habit of Saudi Arabia, which we are always used to, and this year’s pilgrimage is the greatest proof. Therefore, no one will pay attention to the so-called internationalization of the Hajj or the Two Holy Mosques; The pilgrimage has been singled out by God since the beginning of time for the people of Makkah, because they know its divisions and not others. Do these haters understand that?


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