Saudi Arabia and the Newcastle club deal: When he is not ripe and attends stubbornness


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The failure of the Saudi acquisition of English football club, Newcastle United, was logical and expected. And the withdrawal of the Saudi authorities from the deal is a correct and rare decision, amid a series of international disarray in which the Kingdom has signed in recent years unnecessarily.
There is no doubt that the Saudi authorities, represented in the Public Investment Fund, withdrew from the Newcastle deal from the conviction that they would inevitably lose them. It was clear from the first day that the deal was stalled, because it was launched surrounded by mines and in an “unfriendly” atmosphere for Saudi Arabia. It was also accompanied by, or was against the backdrop of, many mistakes and great confusion on the part of Riyadh.
This is in terms of the general context. As for the direct causes, it was officially limited to Riyadh’s inability to prove that the public investment fund is separate from the political authorities. Also, the weak arguments and evidence that she responded to the serious accusations of stealing international sports competitions, most notably the English Premier League. In both cases, the theft of rights and the dependency of the fund, Riyadh was in front of a losing battle because the whole world knows that it actually stole the broadcasting of the periodicals, and also knows that the investment fund cannot be independent of the rulers and its president is the actual ruler of the kingdom, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.
Also, if we put the issue in context, it becomes permissible to say that Saudi Arabia’s desire to acquire Newcastle club has been driven by a mixture of jealousy and tradition after the success of my Qatar experiences with Paris Saint-Germain, and Abu Dhabi with Manchester City. This overwhelming desire made the leaders in Riyadh forget many other data in their favor that ultimately led to the collapse of the deal.
But the most important of the details is that withdrawing from the deal will protect Saudi Arabia from further inconvenience and scandals. This deal only served to shed more political and media lights on the mistakes and sins of Saudi officials, and many more. In addition to stealing broadcasts of European patrols whose rights are exclusively owned by Qatar’s BN Sports network, there are human rights and abuse cases of activists and activists, which are chasing Saudi leaders wherever they are.
We are, therefore, in front of a Saudi scene lacking maturity and intelligence, and to see the awareness of the international dimensions of any movement in this complex time. When you are polluted with all these sins, it is best for you to play out of the limelight. It would have been better for Saudi officials to wait for a better time to engage in this attractive and troublesome deal at the same time. Also, amid the negative propaganda inherent in Saudi Arabia and its external moves, it was more appropriate for the Kingdom’s rulers to stay away from the English ball and its lights and press that do not miss stray or incoming, especially when it comes to celebrities and the wealthy and the scandals of soccer symbols from players, coaches and club owners.

Football is an industry no less dangerous and influential than income from the military and information technology industries. It is natural that the Europeans will not tolerate tampering with it

When your goal is to elevate your country to the ranks of the major countries that attract international investment and international attention, and at the same time you kill a journalist from the stature of Jamal Khashoggi in these tragic details, without putting the possibility that they may chase you and trouble you long, surely that you are surrounded by penniless consultants, or that you are You have not yet reached the maturity level that would qualify you to lead a country.
The same is said about the imprisonment of women human rights activists. The Saudi leaders have created for themselves a case of feminist activists, a complex they were confused in resolving … as it has now become clear that releasing them is a problem and keeping them in prison is a bigger problem. The matter does not differ with the arrested clerics and university professors, and the opponents chased abroad because of their opinions contrary to the ruler’s, or their refusal to support his policies.
To raise the ceiling of your ambitions and the aspirations of your country to sky high, then commit all of these arrests and arbitrariness, believing that you are above accountability, and without realizing that even if governments and countries such as America and Britain collude with you, and that the world has a free press, an independent society, and unforgiving NGOs, you are certainly She suffers from a misunderstanding of the reality of the international scene.
And when your goal is to serve yourself and your country internationally and compete with adults, then allow someone around you to piracy international sporting competitions, others fight to win rights to broadcast and pay large sums of money in exchange for that, without understanding the seriousness of this act, then you certainly suffer from a major problem, and you need someone to teach you that patrols European is one of the largest wealth production machines. Football is an industry no less dangerous and influential than income from the military and information technology industries. It is natural that the Europeans will not tolerate tampering with it. Senior Saudi officials had to realize this and prevent, at any cost, the stolen B outQ broadcast. Instead, they turned a blind eye and let their electronic armies recklessly insulted others and boasted of the “great achievement”.
In “St. James Park”, the stronghold of the ancient Newcastle club, the Saudi presence was not consistent with itself and with the desired goal. He was at odds with him. That is why Riyadh lost a battle of integrity and reputation before losing a commercial deal with $ 17 million that is part of the advance deposit. To make matters worse, instead of drawing lessons and anticipating future experiences, the Saudi authorities on the same day (last Thursday) announced the appeal against the ruling of the World Trade Organization against it in the case of the property rights theft filed by Qatar’s BN Sports. The funny thing is that Riyadh challenged a ruling whose arms boasted for more than a month that it was in its favor! Another sign of lack of maturity? Certainly. As for the appeal, it is only a message of stubbornness and perseverance because the opponent is the younger sister, Qatar. If the opponent was another country and the dispute was in another context, Riyadh would have overlooked the matter and proceeded with its affairs. But in light of the deteriorating Gulf mood since the summer of 2017, it is difficult for Saudi Arabia to surrender to a rule in favor of Qatar even if it costs it its stubborn impossibility.
The problem is that the final outcome of the appeal, if it is accepted and heard, will not, for the most part, differ from the end of the Newcastle deal. Is in Riyadh a rational man who makes stabbing the last episode in a non-interesting series, and the last sign of the lack of maturity? This maturity is what most Saudi leaders need now to stop themselves harming themselves.

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