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Often the elder brother lives responsibilities after the death of his father or because of his old age, and in return he receives the respect and appreciation of his brothers, and this responsibility demands from him a lot of effort, fatigue and suffering, and at the same time this position and that respect and appreciation becomes coveted for his younger brothers and the focus of their jealousy, despite their small certainty Their age and sometimes their size, but the shortcomings of their assimilation make them see that possible, either by reaching the elder brother or by destroying him and reducing him and thus descending to them.The Brotherhood differs in their dealings with the elder brother, some of them keep his status and his deserved appreciation, and some are indignant and fill his heart with hatred and envy, and his soul is overcrowded with evil and intrigues him whenever the opportunity arises, for that brother whose elder brother sought to send him to complete his studies, education and development, we find he returns to compete with him in his work trying Stealing his income, and another who sees the elder brother’s resources as a right for him calls on the rest of his brothers to share with him what God has provided on every occasion, and another brother collects in his house strangers and enemies to guide them about what he knows from the entrances to his elder brother’s house and helps them in crossing, and another leaves his family and children and what they may need To him to watch the sons of his older brother, trolling their mistakes and motivating him to broadcast them to criticize the failure of his older brother, ignoring that his sons suffer from many problems and deficiencies, and we often find siblings close to the elder brother in age and standing try to comfort him with grief and pain when the family reached him and wondering how foreign hands managed to fuel that dispute.

The elder brother always senses the grace of the Creator in his livelihood of resources and children and tries to ignore and ignore these abuses by setting a vision for his life that he seeks to achieve through his children and investing in his home, so he is certain that this is his true wealth and strength, and he tries as much as possible not to pay attention to those abuses and this persistence even if He was forced to prevent some of them from entering his house to make them satisfied with their evil, and to preserve his love for his nephews, which he believes is an instinctive matter and they are not guilty of what their parents committed, and in return these brothers try to instill hatred and hatred for their elder uncle in the hearts of their children.

That older brother has enough firmness that makes him intervene hard to protect his home from everyone who tries to approach and block the road to it, and unfortunately this may happen sometimes with the help of some of his brothers, and it is surprising to many that if that elder brother hears an affliction with one of his brothers he forgets all these events and puts them aside a little and blows For help, we find him the first to reach the place, the first to provide support, and the first to console and denounce what happened in order to fulfill his role and more, all because of his sense of responsibility and the values ​​planted in himself and his land, and he does not heed the calls of some of his sons while they remind him of what they did and that they did not deserve That, but he believes that presenting this is not a matter of merit, but it is brotherhood and humanity that may require caution at the time of prosperity, but he cannot abandon it at the time of adversity.

The elder brother may be in the form of a state that has its prestige, its history and its global position and has ties of religion, language and history, such as the association of brothers, and I ask God to reform the conditions of our brothers and to protect our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from all evil, and to perpetuate its many blessings and to respond to every plague in his slaughter, thank God always And never that I am one of her children.

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