Saudi Arabia: 1357 new cases of corona .. The number of people recovered exceeded 240 thousand cases


Today, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of (2533) new cases of recovery, bringing the number of people recovering in the Kingdom. Thank God, to (240081) cases.
And it showed that (1357) new confirmed cases of the new corona virus (COVID-19) were registered, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to 278,835 cases, among which (35837) active cases are still receiving medical care, and most of them are in a reassuring health condition, including (2011) cases Critical, while the number of deaths reached (2917) cases, adding (30) new deaths, pointing out that (36666) a new laboratory examination was conducted, and the attached table shows the distribution of new cases in the cities of the Kingdom, as well as the numbers of injuries, recovery and deaths globally.
Health called on everyone to take care to wash hands with soap and water, as it is the most important way to prevent corona virus, and every person, when leaving the house, is required to wear a muzzle, whether medical or fabric, or a tight covering on the nose and mouth, with the exception of those who were alone in a closed place.
The Ministry of Health renewed the recommendation for everyone who has symptoms, or wants to evaluate, using the self-assessment service to implement (appointment) or visit (health clinics) set up by (Health) to serve those who feel symptoms of the emerging corona virus, numbering 237 clinics, or Calling the number (937) Center for Consultations and Inquiries around the clock, which is now closer to everyone than before, so that it can benefit from its interactive services through the application (WhatsApp) via number 920005937, and take advantage of the new interactive services in it, and obtain information Health and services, learn about the new Corona virus developments, primary care centers, blood donation centers, appointments and how to get them.


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