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There are countless varieties of abuse on Saudi Arabia.This happens by groups and individuals, and every insult is related in one way or another to a person who lives and derives from the good of the country, and if not, then the good of Saudi Arabia reaches every country in the world, either in the form of aid, or through agreements with huge companies he works for. Thousands of people whose development is driven by Saudi money.

And for Saudi Arabia to be a rich country, no one has the right to demand that the country’s wealth be shared, or to demand that Saudi Arabia spend on failed, negligent or neglected countries to develop themselves.

And Saudi Arabia has its own national interests that enact its plans to preserve those interests.

Saudi Arabia has spent thousands of billions from its treasury for Arab causes before international issues, and this is known as international participation, and the truth of the matter is that Saudi participations in Arab countries were thought by some as a royalty that must be paid in time, otherwise random bullets are aimed at them with disgust.

Indeed, we found (Sanmar’s penalty), as everything presented to some countries was met with denial, and added to this denial (lack of literature).

The acceleration of events and the disintegration of the contract makes each country a protector of its self-interests, and preserving its national and human wealth, instead of offering goodness with the right hand to find a stab from the back.

I believe that what was presented was not achieved for the country, neither brotherhood nor friendship. Let it be the bite of regret, and the tongue of (myself myself).

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