“Sakani”: 8727 electronic contracts for residential lands were issued in July – Saudi News


The “Sakani” program of the Ministry of Housing issued 8727 contracts for residential lands for the beneficiaries of the program during the month of July, as part of its various options to facilitate the ownership of Saudi families and raise its percentage to 70%, in line with the objectives of the housing program, one of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs.

“Sakani” stated in a press release that the lands included 5273 lands in the Jazan region, 709 lands in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, 699 lands in the Riyadh region, in addition to 496 lands in the Qassim region, 460 lands in the Asir region, 327 in the eastern region, and in Najran region has 239 lands, 201 lands in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah region, 111 lands in Al Jawf region, 77 in Hail region, 57 in Al Baha region, 49 lands in the northern border, and 29 residential lands in Tabuk region.

The program pointed out that this step comes as an extension of the previous handing over to citizens benefiting from housing support in various regions of the Kingdom, stressing that the procedures for issuing residential land contracts are continuing at the level of all completed plans, noting that the areas of land range from 450 square meters to 527 Square meters per piece, where reservation procedures can be completed and the appropriate layout can be chosen through the website https://sakani.housing.sa/plans-map or the “Sakani” application for smartphones.

And he indicated that residential land is one of the options provided by the program, as it also offers opportunities to purchase housing units within the Ministry’s projects, or to purchase a housing unit under construction within partnership projects with the private sector, in addition to buying a ready-made housing unit from the market, or obtaining a subsidized mortgage. 100% profits for those who own land to build their homes.

The online portal of the “Sakani” program had previously provided the ability to choose the appropriate housing plan by the beneficiaries of residential lands according to their desires and needs, as part of the constant endeavor to develop electronic solutions that would help facilitate the deserving citizens and provide them with more electronic services.

It is noteworthy that the Sakani program delivered, during the past year 2019, about 90,000 plots of land in various regions of the Kingdom, while the program for the current year 2020 aims to develop 72 new plans that provide more than 90,000 plots of land in partnership with qualified contractors, as these steps come within the framework of providing more options. For Saudi families, it enables them to obtain adequate housing that meets their desires.


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