Saida Municipality invites all those in contact with Mr. Abbas Al-Dor to conduct a free PCR examination at Saida Governmental Hospital


The Crisis and Disaster Management Chamber and the Health and Environment Committee of the Municipality of Sidon issued a statement saying:After it was established that Mr. Abbas Al-Dur, son of Sidon and residing in the Al-Qayaa area, was infected with the Coronavirus, and after ensuring that the injured person and his family were complying with the mandatory quarantine procedures, and after proving that he had been in contact with a number of persons, under verification,

Sidon municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Epidemiological Observatory, will conduct free PCR exams on Wednesday, 5-8-2020 from ten thirty in the morning until twelve o’clock in the afternoon in the government hospital of Sidon – the emergency department, so please all those who interact with Mr. Abbas Al-Dor Being present to take the necessary examination in its history.

The municipality of Sidon, with the high number of casualties in the Sidon district and the rapid spread of the epidemic, urges the honorable citizens to adhere to the home quarantine during the next week and not to mix and be present in public places, and to fully comply with the decisions of the Ministry of Interior regarding closure and preventive measures and adhere to hygiene standards and take the highest levels of preventive measures, And strict adherence to the rules of social separation and the need to put up masks and sterilize hands and surfaces.

The municipality calls not to hesitate to report any injury to take preventive measures to reduce the possibility of transmission of infection, and to refer to the Crisis and Disaster Cell and the Health and Environment Committee to take the correct information and the necessary preventive measures in this framework and adhere to them exclusively.


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