Russia announces end of Corona vaccine tests .. and prepares to vaccinate the population


The Russian “TAS” agency quoted the Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, as saying that the Gamalia Research Center on Viruses and Biotechnology had ended Clinical trials.

He added that the work is currently focused on getting the vaccine to obtain the required approvals.

And Russia announced earlier that it hoped that the vaccine developed will be the first to obtain international approval, after the tests are over.

Russia is not alone in developing vaccines against the Coronavirus, as more than 150 vaccines around the world are currently being developed and tested, but it has not received widespread approval to use them yet.

The Russian minister said that the government center is currently working on developing another anti-virus vaccine Sk, And entered the clinical trial stages.

Clinical trials are a scientific term referring to human vaccine testing.

The Russian Ministry of Health expects that other vaccine developers will ask for approval to start clinical trials on a number of volunteers within 6-8 weeks.

In the same context, the agency “RIA Novosti” quoted Murashko He said that Moscow is seeking a massive vaccination campaign against the virus in October.

The minister did not specify which vaccine would be used in the vaccination process, but stressed that preparing the lists of beneficiaries of the vaccine.

He said that doctors and teachers will be among the first to receive the vaccination.

وسجلت RussiaSaturday, 95 new deaths, which raises the death toll in the country to more than 14 thousand.

On the same day, the country recorded more than 5,400 injuries in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of injuries to more than 845,000.


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