Ronaldo made me a football player … and I want to train Real Madrid


He wore the cloak of the saved hero with courage after the departure of the legend Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo About a team Real MadridHe led the royal club with great merit and became his new scorer who was able to resolve the toughest matches and score deadly goals in difficult times.

He is the veteran French striker Karim Benzema, Who led Real Madrid this season to crown the title La LigaThe first division of football, and it was an important and decisive element in many of the difficult games in which the royal team was looking for a player capable of making a difference, after the departure of the icon Cristiano to Juventus, Italy.

Karim Benzema appeared during the past hours, through a video broadcast on his channel on YouTube to answer the questions of a number of his fans and friends, including his colleague in the Royal International Colombia team, James Rodriguez.

Karim Benzema responded, during the questions that were directed to him, about the difficulties that his team faced during the current season in order to crown the Spanish La Liga title after a difficult and fierce competition with its traditional rivals Barcelona.

On the secret of the wonderful image that the French striker appeared during the current season’s competitions, Karim Benzema said: I work very hard in training and follow a special diet that I will not give up on. There are three things that are necessary in order to prolong my career in the green stadiums, which are based on good training Healthy food, psychological work, and sacrifice everything for your goal.

On whether it would be better to score goals by himself than to provide fierce and exciting passes for his teammates, Karim Benzema said: Scoring goals and passing goals are both one, and I strive to implement both, of course I like to shake the competitors window myself, but if my teammate is in a better position I will pass the ball to him not Doubt.

Regarding whether it bothered him that it was his fellow defender captain Sergio Ramos, who paid the penalty kicks that calculated for Real Madrid, and that if he had implemented it, he would have increased his goal scoring even more, Karim Benzema said: Ramos pays the penalty penalty wonderfully, and the attacker must take the goals. , And does not wait for penalty kicks.

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And on the possibility of training his team Real Madrid in the future, following the approach of his fellow current coach, Zinedine Zidane, Benzema said: I would definitely like to train this great team in the future.Finally, Karim Benzema, responding to a question about the three greatest athletes in history, said: For me, the Ronaldo phenomenon is my first inspiration and he made me a football player, and I will choose beside him basketball legend Michael Jordan and boxing king Mike Tyson.

It is worth noting that Real Madrid is awaiting a decisive match against its English counterpart, Manchester City, in the second leg of the Champions League round sixteen, and the royal team lost at home, 1-2, as a result.


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