Ronaldinho is approaching freedom


Five months have passed since the imprisonment of former Brazilian star Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto after they were accused of forging passports to enter Paraguay and attending charitable events.

The Brazilian “magician” was imprisoned for one month, then he went out and placed under house arrest in a hotel in the country, and since April this year he has been staying there.

And sources revealed to the “ESPN” American network that 90% of the case was resolved, and investigations will be completed next November with about 20 people involved in the case.

Lawyers for the former Paris Saint-Germain player and Milan are expected to file a request to release him and his brother in exchange for pleading guilty, paying a fine, and attending the trial every month.

If the former world champion is released, he will return to Barcelona, ​​where he owns a house in which he lived between 2003 and 2008 near the two stars, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Ronaldinho still has a lot of friends there, and the climate of the region is close to the atmosphere of Brazil and will be the expected destination for the player after his release.


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