Riyadh Newspaper Saudi heritage voices … a moon about to be completed


Saudi heritage voices … a moon about to be completed

Pictures from the accounts of the participants in the adventure

                <p>When searching beyond "culture", many classifications will come across you ... the culture of food, drink, clothing, or even conversation, but the culture of "voices" has come a long way in trying to attract interest in our Arab world, so he took with her in Saudi Arabia a group of friends (Abdullah Al-Osaimi, Abdullah Shaher, Khaled Al-Barq) on the initiative of (Aziz Salim) to start a tour around the various regions of the Kingdom in order to collect different voices.

An exceptional trip started from the capital Riyadh, passing through the eastern, Al-Ahsa, Najran, Abha and others. To record and document a Saudi cultural passage of different sounds for everything that sounds, the sea waves and hitting gulls had a share, just as the voices of cars in transit were lucky to capture them.

Friends did not miss passing through the archaeological castle on Tarout Island, east of Qatif in the Eastern Province, which has a well-known history of more than seven thousand years BC, so culture had another voice. So they picked up a sound to bounce the door, touch the stones, and even the old window squeaks were documented to join the Saudi cultural piece.

The sound of the rustling of the “Rak’aa” tree was recorded in Shaf al-Sawda in the city of Tanumah, which had a different impact because it spanned more than 600 years, with a diameter of 3 meters and a length of fifteen meters.

Friends pledged to enrich the Saudi audio content by creating an electronic audio library, to reflect Saudi culture and heritage, provided that the public is allowed to participate in adding different sounds.



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