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Today, Saturday, an Egyptian court decided to renew the imprisonment of Mohamed Waziri, the former director of Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, 15 days pending investigations. On charges of fraud and fraud

she decided Egyptian courtToday, Saturday, the detention of Mohamed Waziri, the former director of the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, was renewed for 15 days, pending investigations; On charges of fraud and fraud with the amount of 63 million pounds.

The Lebanese star had written a report through her lawyer, in early May. In it, Mohamed Hamza Abdel Rahman Mohamed, famous for Muhammad Waziri, is accused of unjustly obtaining 63 million pounds from her property through a general power of attorney that allows him to deal in the sums owed to her by producers, satellite channels and some party organizers.

As a result, the police arrested my Minister; On charges of swindling and stealing Haifa’s money, he was summoned for investigation, and after conducting the necessary investigations, the truth was found.

The prosecution charged the two ministers with fraud, fraud and exploiting the power of attorney granted to him by the artist, Haifa, to seize her money and property in Egypt.

On the other hand, another court ruled, earlier, to reject the lawsuit filed by my minister, to prove his marriage to the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, a lawsuit that he filed in an attempt to prove the marriage before the court, after accusing him of stealing many funds and real estate, but he did not submit The origin of the contracts.

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