Remove Fortnite from Google Play & App Store


The game “Fortnite” has been subjected to a double ban and removal from Google Play & App Store, after the game provided a feature that allows players to pay for it directly without going through the application stores. According to the company “Epic Games”, the owner of the game, the game was first removed from the Apple App Store, and soon Google followed suit, and the two companies claim that what Fort Knight did is a violation of their terms of use. Fort Knight resorted to this method in order to save the 30% that the application stores deduct from any payments that reach them, which affects their profits and also forces them to raise their prices. The company, “Epic Games”, the developer of the game, had launched a special store for the game on the personal computer platform and imposed only 12%, and provided its famous game first through its website directly so that the players’ payments would go to the company in full, and then it was available on the Google Play store. The company also announced a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of having complete monopoly over the payments market for apps in the iOS system. It is noteworthy that “Epic Games” achieves an estimated profit of 1.8 billion dollars from its game, which has 350 million registered users.


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