Record height of injuries … and calls for compliance!


Under the title: “Appeals to citizens in Lebanon to abide by precautionary measures”, the newspaper wrote “Middle east: Fears were renewed in the area of ​​Kharoub region in Mount Lebanon yesterday, after the announcement of seven cases of “Corona” virus being recorded in three neighboring towns, amid calls for citizens to adhere to the health measures imposed by the Lebanese authorities to prevent the spread of the virus, and strict implementation.

And the “Central Crisis Cell” in Al-Kharoub Province announced, in a statement yesterday, that the results of the “PCR” examinations carried out by the government hospital “Siblin” in cooperation with the Chouf district medicine and the epidemiological surveillance department in the Ministry of Health, “showed three injuries in the town of Baasir and three injuries In the town of Al-Burjine, in addition to the injury of an Ethiopian worker in the town of Al-Burjine, and a Syrian worker residing in the town of Barja.

The Ministry of Public Health announced the results of the last batch of “PCR” examinations for the upcoming trips to Beirut, which were conducted at the airport on 29 and 30 last July, and the results showed that there are 11 positive cases.The Palestinian factions in North Lebanon and the Popular Committee in Nahr al-Bared camp (North) issued a statement confirming that “Corona” was monitored in the camp, and it was found that its owner was coming from the Burj al-Barajneh camp (on the outskirts of Beirut) and mixed with many during a wedding feast on Sunday. The statement demanded, “All those who participated in lunch and wedding by quarantining themselves until next Monday, the date of the attendance of a medical team from the Ministry of Health to conduct examinations for contacts, and in the event that one of them feels symptoms such as high fever, severe coughing or shortness of breath, acceleration to the government hospital.” With procedures.

Also in the north, the municipality of Kfarhazir – Koura, in a statement, called on “everyone who mixed with the two brothers who were confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus, to quarantine himself and conduct a PCR examination and inform the municipality of the result.”

In the wake of the high level of casualty figures and the highest rate of injuries in Lebanon since last February, when the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 224 new injuries, the Lebanese authorities continue to implement precautionary health measures, and are strict in their implementation in terms of preventing gatherings and reducing mixing after increasing numbers The injured. These measures came two weeks after scores of cases were recorded in southern Lebanon.

The governor of Nabatiyeh, commissioned by Hassan Fakih, asked, during his generalization to the municipalities, “to prevent gatherings on the banks of the Litani River and the Wazzani River under penalty of reporting the arrest records of violators and request support from the security forces when needed.” Preventive action to be taken to combat the Corona virus, and based on public safety requirements.

Source: Middle East


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