Real Madrid News: Analysis of Barcelona and Napoli … and expectations about the Barcelona and Bayern Munich summit


Florentio Perez

Sport 360 – Newspaper published Marka Spanish report reviews the plan that Real Madrid will follow in the current summer transfer market, which will focus on selling players without concluding any big deal.

The fans were hoping to change the club’s plan in the summer Mercato after the elimination of a final price Champions LeagueWhere there was an urgent need in the Manchester City match to inject new blood into the team and raise the quality after some players advanced in age and the level of others declined, but the club never thinks about that, and will continue with the same plan it prepared several weeks ago.

The newspaper stated in its report that Real Madrid He is considering reducing the players’ wages in the next season, because expectations indicate that the fans will not return to the stands until January at the very least, and therefore the club will lose a large part of its usual revenues, and therefore it will not be ethical to deduct part of the salaries from then spend Big sums to bring in high caliber players.

Real Madrid’s plan has not changed … the goal is to sell

The report added that Real Madrid He is still planning to reap nearly 180 million euros from selling deals this summer, and has already secured 60 million euros from selling 4 players, namely Achraf Hakimi, Javi Sanchez, Jorge de Frutos and Danny Gomez.

Sergio Regilon on loan to Seville will be the new victim of Real Madrid’s plan in the transfer market, as the club wants to sell it after its price rose to 30 million euros, and the Andalusian club is the most interested in the player, and there is great interest also on the part of Chelsea.

Real Madrid also offered Jess Vallejo and Borjal Mayoral for sale, and the same applies to Mariano Diaz, who does not enjoy the confidence of coach Zinedine Zidane, while Ibrahim Diaz is expected to be loaned out, and in the event that the club arrives at a suitable offer to Luka Jovic, the club will study it properly. Grand.

Marca confirmed that Real Madrid still faces a big dilemma by getting rid of James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale, who have been completely excluded in recent matches, as they are two redundant players in Zidane’s view and receive a high salary, and despite that, Florentino Perez will not allow either of them to leave permanently. Free, and will try to get a good amount of their sale.

There will be new faces in Real Madrid

Although Real Madrid does not intend to attract new players to raise the quality of the team, there may be new faces, as the club thinks about returning Martin Odegaard on loan to Real Sociedad this summer, and the player’s future is expected to be decided in the next few days.

Zidane may also resort to recovering Dani Ceballos on loan to Arsenal, who has appeared in a good level in recent weeks, but his chance is lower than Martin Odegaard in light of Zizore’s not convinced of the Spanish star, as for Alvaro Odriozola, in a large proportion, he will be restored to be a substitute for Dani Carvajal.

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