Ragheb Alama: This is better for Khaled and Louai, and in Lebanon, a thief and criminal ruling class


In answer to a question: “After the Beirut Port explosion, you announced that you encourage Louay and Khaled to travel and live outside Lebanon, and it is known that you are very attached to them, so how do you accept their travel?”, Said the Lebanese artist.Ragheb Alama: “All our lives are traveling, and if Khaled and Louai are in a politically safe place, and there is no such low level of politicians, criminals and corrupt people who control our children, then this is better for them and their future.”
He added, “They can visit me or I can visit them. There is no problem with that, but I cannot convince them to remain in Lebanon in the presence of a thief ruling class, which is criminal and without morals.”
Artist Ragheb Alama’s talk about his two sons, Khaled Loai, came in his interview in the Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Rai” with colleague Hiyam Bannout.


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