Raad: The target of the battleships in front of Beirut is not a military one but a show of muscle – news asharq al-awsat


Raad announced that the last description proposed by external parties to the next government is “the government of independent missions”, without clarifying what is meant by that.

Concerning external initiatives, Raad commented saying that “after she reached out to us on the first day, her language disappeared on the second day, and the initiatives clashed with each other and conflicts of interests.” He added that now there are complications that are not easy to overcome with binding parliamentary consultations soon.

He pointed out that the talk about “a national unity government that brings together all the parties seems to have withdrawn from deliberation, and now they are calling for the formation of an independent mission government.”

Regarding France’s initiative, Raad pointed out that when they spoke of a national unity government, America intervened to “lay the ceilings.”

Regarding the battleships and ships that landed on the Lebanese coast following the Beirut port explosion, Raad pointed out that “the aim of the battleships is not military, but rather to show muscles to strengthen the presence in order to carry out relief missions.”

Raad’s words came during a visit by a delegation from the Al-Mayadeen network to the office of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, to congratulate the anniversary of the July victory, and to offer condolences for the explosion of the Beirut port.

Raad highlighted that the victory of July 2006 is “an exceptional station, and we strive to be a regular one. The value of this nation is victory and not defeat, and its destiny is to rise, not to descend or to stagnate, but when we invoke victory we must evoke our cause that we adopt, and our cause is the issue of man, the cause of his dignity, whatever Not. ”

Raad pointed out that “before 2006, it did not occur to us that the Russian veto would be present in the international community, but now we are witnessing it in more than one place.” He added, “In the region, Iran and Syria were with us, but now there is an open axis.”

The head of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc also spoke about the Emirati normalization with “Israel”, considering that “at a time when we are recording an exceptional victory in this nation, the forces of the miserable nation that have agreed to be guardians of colonial projects, in order to bend the arm of the resistance and to drop the concept The resistance, and they believe that the powerful forces in the world will not give humanity its rights without resistance.

Source: Al-Mayadeen

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