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We post a link and a method Download PUBG Mobile Chinese For phones with an operating system (Android – iPhone) to get the latest version of PUBG, the Chinese version of PUBG Chinese, in addition to the link to download the Chinese version of the PUBG version of LightSpeed, and it should be noted that you must start to run the Chinese PUBG Mobile game you download the QQ program and then open an account on Program and log in to the program.

The game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has been designed exclusively for phones, where you can play on a mobile phone for free from anywhere in the world, and PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous games in the world, as it was welcomed by a large group of people in all countries of the world On our website Ma’ak Ya Watan, you can learn how to change the name in PUBG Mobile in a free way through the renaming card, and you can also download PUBG Mobile Lite, the lighter version, to enjoy the game on phones with little internal memory, and through the article you can download PUBG Chinese The latest version.

How to download PUBG Mobile Chinese

PUBG MOBILE GAME PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a game that has been customized and designed for rounds, it is a fighting and survival game, and it was produced by Tencent Games, and the game provides the possibility to experience classic play through the original version of PUBG Mobile, where the battlefield is landed With hundreds of other players, the goal is to survive to the end, and PUBG provides weapon paths and super-realistic controls, as well as maps to recognize playgrounds, buildings simulating real life, and 3D sound effects.

The game of PUBG Mobile offers a violent and competitive atmosphere among the players, where you can enter by parachute and prepare to compete with others, and you must withstand during the battles in order to survive and stay alive until the end of the battle, and the last player to survive is the winning player, and many people are looking for a way to download Chinese PUBG PUBG Mobile Chinese to enjoy the game content provided to players, where you can now download the Chinese PUBG Mobile game for mobile phones running the Android operating system, as well as for phones with the iOS operating system.

PUBG MOBILE is free to download for all players, and PUBG MOBILE is continuously developing and updating to create a kind of thrill and excitement, as it is updated monthly to provide new gaming features and modern modes that differ from the previous, and the game always notes the need to maintain a clean playing environment and not cheat. Is serious about fighting fraud to create a fair and balanced environment, and last year 2018 AD, the PUBG Mobile game won the Golden Joystick award as the best game, and whoever wants to know how to download PUBG Mobile Chinese or steps to download Chinese PUBG can do so through the following:

How to download PUBG Chinese

The PUBG Mobile game, the Chinese version, is downloaded and then you start playing by downloading the game first, then downloading the QQ program and logging in to the program to open the account, and you can learn the steps through the following:

  1. Chinese PUBG download link (
  2. After downloading the game you will have difficulty registering for lack of QQ software.
  3. Log in to Google Play, then type the name of the QQ program, then click “Install”.
  4. Log in to the program, and to learn how to register, you can do so by watching the following video.

How to install Chinese PUBG

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  3. Albuzu Bebji area in Miramar.
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  6. Assault rifles.

By watching the previous video, you can learn the steps to download Chinese PUBG or how to download PUBG Mobile Chinese to enjoy the game on your phone, and you can now enter the official PUBG website to download the original version for Android phones and iPhone phones, as well as learn about the features of the PUBG update New Mobile.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 October 2019 update

The PUBG Mobile game announced on its official account on the social networking site “Twitter” that PUBG MOBILE servers will be disabled and made offline from 00:00 until 7:00 UTC on the fifteenth of October Maintenance order.

You must prepare to download the new update for PUBG by providing enough space for the update (1.76 GB for Android, 1.98 GB for iOS), and the download of the pubg mobile update will be available from October 16, 2019.

Download PUBG Mobile Chinese
PUBG updated

New PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update

The new PUBG update 0.17.0 announced for release on Tuesday on March 3, 2020 includes a number of improvements and features such as adding a “replay” camera to recreate a video of the way you are killed, adding a second year celebration phase and adding an amusement park to the classic in the “Erangel” semi-mode map. Winter, the addition of the EvoGround Survival mode represented in a blizzard, gathering food and fighting players, providing the ability to write a comment in the profile of any player in exchange for intensity, adding the new Air Force DBS Shotgun, and the return of Hardcore mode “New Arcade Mode”.

The PUBG Mobile game announced the start of providing the new update as of March 3, 2020, and there will be no interruption to the game until the update and maintenance work is completed, and obtaining the new PUBG update 0.17.0 requires approximately 1.69 GB of storage space, and whoever wishes to download PUBG Mobile Chinese can do this by following the official link attached to the article on our website, Ma’ak, Oh Homeland.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 new update

The most popular game of PUBG Mobile in the world allows for the availability of new updates on the App Store for iPhone phones, where you can try the updated PUBG Mobile game and explore many areas and new items added in the May 2020 update in the Miramar map, and prepare well to face the next sandstorm and stay Survives in harsh climate and weather.

Updates have been added to the Miramar map, such as adding a new oasis in the northern part of the map and ruins in the northwest to the map that you can explore now, and more residential areas, resources and roads have been added, and you must choose the location of the landing and battles very wisely, and whoever wants to download Chinese Buggy PUBG Mobile Chinese after new update can now.

PUBG Mobile announced that the vending machines in Mad Miramar have the opportunity to give you a large amount of energy drinks, but you must make sure to carry a backpack. The new desert wallpaper has arrived for all players after the new update, especially for “Apple” device users, and whoever faces A problem when logging into a PUBG Mobile account, this problem will be solved soon through an internal update of the game.

PUBG Mobile update

The company that produced the PUBG Mobile game announced the benefits of the new PUBG Mobile update for May 2020, version number 0.18.0 Mad Miramar, on its website for the game, and the download of the new PUBG MOBILE game update starts today, Thursday, May 7, 2020.

The download of the new PUBG update on the Google Play Store for phones with the Android operating system has been made available by the company producing Tencent Games, as the game is updated on May 7, 2020 AD, and the new version number of the PUBG Mobile game is 0.18.0, and downloads have reached more than One hundred million downloads, and the game is 50MB in size.

The PUBG Mobile game also announced that the server will not be moved to offline mode and the server will be interrupted for this update, and the new PUBG update 0.18.0 requires about 1.97 GB for iPhone phones, and requires about 2.21 GB for Android phones, and you must make sure to download the new update as soon as possible. Time to take advantage of the new features, and whoever wants to see all the features of the new update can do so by following the ( link on the official PUBG website.


The App Store provided the ability to download the PUBG for iPhone with a size of 2.4 GB, and the game is available for free in many languages ​​(Arabic, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish). Attach phones that are compatible with the original PUBG Mobile game, iOS 9.0 or later, where you can identify devices compatible with the PUBG Mobile game through the following:

iPhone 5SiPhone 6iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6SiPhone 6S PlusiPhone SE
iPhone 7iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 8iPhone 8 PlusiPhone XiPhone XS
iPhone XRiPhone XS MaxiPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone SE
iPad AiriPad Air Wi ‑ Fi + CellulariPad mini 2iPad mini 2 Wi ‑ Fi + CellulariPad Air 2 Wi ‑ FiiPad Air 2 ، + Cellular
iPad mini 3iPad mini 3 Wi ‑ Fi + CellulariPad mini 4iPad mini 4 Wi ‑ Fi + CellulariPad ProiPad (5th generation)
Download the latest PUBG Mobile Chinese
Download the latest PUBG Mobile Chinese

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