Pray to Beirut .. to me, she would never laugh – video


Introduced the Lebanese artistJoseph AttiehHis new patriotic song entitled “Pray to Beirut” via “YouTube” which is written by Ahmed Essam, composed by Robert Al-Asaad, and distributed by Tony Bou Khalil.
The beginning of the song says: “Pray to Beirut … for me, when laughter left, she destroyed houses … and I saw with my eyes today Beirut crying.”
It is noteworthy that Attia was one of the first Lebanese artists to go to the ground, specifically in the affected areas as a result of the Beirut Port explosion, and he worked to help citizens remove rubble and damage.
This is not the first time that Attiyah has sought to help the needy, as during the past year and specifically during the disaster of fires that occurred in some Lebanese regions, Attiyah also came to the ground and supported the citizens.


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