Poll: Sean Connery is the best James Bond character


A poll has concluded that famous British actor Sean Connery is better than the persona of British intelligence agent James Bond.

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The first round saw Connery beat the current James Bond star, Daniel Craig, with a 56% win against Craig’s 43%.

Brosnan won the second round, 76% against George Lazenby, who appeared in one James Bond movie in 1969.

The third round saw Dalton win by 49% to Roger Moore’s 41%.

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And the result of the last round, which saw Dalton, Connery and Brosnan compete, showed Connery a better title than James Bond.

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Connery (89 years old) embodied James Bond in the first 5 films of the series, Roger Moore in 7 films, Dalton in 2 films, Brosnan in 4 films and Craig 5 films.


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