Pochettino refuses to refuse to train Barcelona .. and flirts with the Catalan club


About two years after his statements he said he would not take over the technical leadership of the club BarcelonaArgentinian retreat Marquisio Boccitino The former technical director of Espanyol, the traditional rivals of the Blaugrana, expressed his position and alluded to his willingness to lead the Catalan giant in the coming period.

Conquest Bukitino Former technical director of the club Tottenham The Englishman opened the door to the possibility of training Barcelona after he regretted his lack of respect for Parsa through his statements in 2018.

And he succeeded Bukitino In overcoming Barcelona during the first games in which he took over technical responsibility for Espanyol.

It is worth noting that Mauricio Bukitino He also defended the colors of Qimos Espanyol as a player for 10 years, before becoming the club’s coach in 2009, just 3 years after he retired from the ball.

Perhaps this link between him and Espanyol is what prompted the Argentine to reject the idea of ​​training Barcelona, ​​which he expressed on more than one occasion.

But in the year 2018 he showed Bukitino They categorically rejected the idea when he claimed that he would never lead Barcelona, ​​which also applies to Arsenal or Rosario Central because of his close relationship with Espanyol, Tottenham and Newell’s Old Boys.

At the time, he said: “I prefer working on my farm in Argentina than going to specific clubs.”

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But he recently reverted to his words in a newspaper statement El Pais Spanish, saying: “You never know,” when speaking about Barcelona.و .وضح Bukitino: “I have to make it clear, too, I was in Barcelona that year, and I met club president Josep Maria Barotomio somewhere.”

و :ضاف: “Each of us greeted the other one because our children went to the same school, and we spoke for 5 minutes, and this raised rumors because there were clubs that wanted to sign me.”

وتابع Bukitino: “When they (the journalists) asked me about the meeting, I wanted to end this matter from its roots, I did not mean to insult Barcelona.”

Say: “You can say different things, and Espanyol made a name for me, but I am not arrogant, and I cannot make a statement that I mean in that sense.”

And the Argentinian completed: “In life, you don’t know what will happen.”

Mauricio Pochetto is not linked with a club at the moment after he was fired Tottenham In November last year after being led «Spears» To the Champions League Final Champions League in its last version capped English Liverpool.


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