Play music and a voice assistant … smart glasses released on sale for $ 179


A startup called Vue Kickstarter promised in October 2016 to create smart eyeglasses that have a design and features that suit the various daily needs of the user.

Woofka The Verge, The company is ready to launch and sell smart glasses, as it includes great features.

The company recently announced that it is ready to sell the glasses, which cost $ 179 and above, and include many advantages, including playing music via Bluetooth, with standard speakers, a microphone for calls, a voice assistant for carrying out voice commands, touch controls, and an estimated 3.5 hours of music per charge. One, and the lenses in the new glasses are 23 grams lighter.

According to the company’s website, the new smart glasses will be shipped by the end of next September, while Jason Guy, the founder of the company, confirmed in statements to “The Verge” that the glasses will reach everyone who needs them except for about 5% waiting to see a doctor after the end of the Corona pandemic.

Many companies tried to break into the smart glasses market, but most of them ended up stopping and abandoning their glasses such as Intel, Bose and Magic Lab.

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