Platini and Blatter before the Swiss Public Prosecution Office


Frenchman Michel Platini, former president of UEFA, is pleading before the Swiss judiciary on Monday, within the framework of procedures opened in 2015, for receiving in a suspicious manner a payment of two million Swiss francs from the former president of the Swiss International Federation Joseph Blatter.

The former star, who has won the Golden Ball award three times, arrived by taxi at 8:00 AM (6:45 GMT) at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bern wearing a blue jacket without a tie.

His lawyer, Daniel Milne, accompanied him and entered the building, after greeting the reporters present in the morning.

He is expected to be heard by Attorney General Thomas Hildebrand, who last June extended the investigation of the former captain of the French national team, due to a controversial payment in 2011 of $ 2.2 million without a written contract, for his consulting work in 2002.

Accordingly, the Federal Attorney General’s office decided to extend the investigation into the case of Platini (65), on suspicion of “suspicion of unfair management, embezzlement and financial fraud.”

Platini now has the status of “accused”, while Blatter will be heard on Tuesday.

Also among those targeted in the case are former French FIFA Secretary General Jerome Falk, and former German Financial Director Marcus Kattner “due to unfair management” as identified by the Ministry of Justice.

Platini said last June that the Ministry of Justice “confirmed in writing to my lawyer in May 2018 that this file dating back to 2015 is closed for me. I have no doubt to believe that Prosecutor Hildebrand has another view of the matter.”

Platini said at the time that he was being persecuted by FIFA: “After five years, FIFA will probably continue harassing me through complaints with the sole aim of keeping me out of football and tarnishing my reputation.”

The former Italian Juventus star believed that the disciplinary procedures before FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport did not allow him to obtain a fair trial, and that the texts in force at the time of the events, from 2007 to 2011, were not applied, and that his suspension was contrary to the freedom to practice professional activity, thus violating his right In respect of private and family life.

The Swiss judiciary had opened a criminal procedure in September 2015 targeting Blatter in relation to the suspicious payment.

Confirmation of late salaries

“I repeat, this is a late payment of salary for a job done by Michel Platini,” Blatter said recently. “The amount has been verified by the Finance Committee. This cannot be linked to the criminal court.”

This push led to the suspension of 84-year-old Blatter and Platini for several years from all football activities, which prevented the French from running for the presidency of the International Federation in 2016.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport confirmed that Platini was suspended for four years, and the Swiss Federal Court and the European Court of Human Rights followed suit.

The European Court of Human Rights unanimously held that his request was “unacceptable”, while acknowledging that his arrest had a “negative effect” on his private life.

In late July, Judge Hildebrand questioned Blatter in a separate investigation into the awarding of television rights to the Caribbean Football Association. Blatter is still serving a six-year ban, while Platini’s suspension expired in October 2019.

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