Photos | An unknown person impersonates director Hatem Ali on “Facebook”


10:41 PM

Saturday 22 August 2020

Books – Diaa Mustafa:
The Syrian director Hatem Ali decided to take judicial and legal measures against one of the scammers, who uses his name on the social networking site “Facebook”.
Hatem Ali said, in a statement, that a fraudulent person has created personal pages bearing his name, and communicates with people in Syria and Lebanon, and with the passage of time, he asks them for money and deceives them.
He added: “The fraudster communicates with them in writing only and refuses to respond or voice communication, and the fraudster did not only use the name of Hatem Ali, but rather used the name of the Emirati Gino Media Company, which had produced the Kingdoms of Fire series, and I am currently cooperating with it in a new work, and also the name of the Syrian Golden Star Company. “.
Director Hatem Ali confirmed that he has been in Canada for a long time, especially with the Corona crisis, and he has not attended Egypt, Syria, Beirut, the Emirates or any Arab country since the Corona crisis began.
And Ali warned, everyone is against this person or sending any money to anyone impersonating his name.
He explained that the fraudster uses a Romanian and a Syrian phone number in his correspondence, and uses a false copy of the director’s passport with the wrong number and the wrong family name.


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