Philippines: Corona injuries exceed 100,000, and doctors call for new closings



Eloisa Lopez

Today, the death toll from confirmed infections in the newly registered Corona virus, recorded in the Philippines, exceeded the 100,000 mark, while doctors sounded the alarm about the epidemiological situation in the country.

In the Philippines, the death toll from the virus that causes Covid-19 disease has skyrocketed for the fourth consecutive day, with the Ministry of Health recording 5,032 new cases of the epidemic in the past 24 hours (compared to 4,963 cases the previous day).

During the last day, the Ministry monitored 20 new deaths due to infection, compared to 17 deaths yesterday.

This brings the total number of “Covid-19” infections recorded in the Philippines since the start of the pandemic, 103,185, of which 2,059 were deaths.

It is scheduled to meet Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte today with the government to discuss the appeal made yesterday by 80 groups representing 80 thousand doctors and a million nurses in the country to the authorities to re-tighten the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the epidemic.

In the largest appeal of its kind, the doctors acknowledged that the country was “losing its battle” against the Corona virus, warning of the danger of a collapse of the health care system in light of the large increase in the number of infected people.

Doctors urged the government to re-enforce stricter two-week closures in the capital, Manila, which is the largest epidemic in the Philippines and southern provinces.

Source: Reuters


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