“Petroleum Marathon” closes two oil refineries


The Marathon Petroleum Corporation, the largest private oil refining company in the United States, has announced the suspension of work in two of its refineries, in light of the severe repercussions of the Corona pandemic on the demand for car fuel, and at a time when the world is preparing for a second wave of the epidemic.
According to Bloomberg News, the company said in a statement that it would close the Golden Eagle refinery in Martinez, California, and the Gallup refinery in New Mexico, and the production capacity of the two refineries will reach 192 thousand barrels per day.Martinez will be converted to a terminal, although the company is also evaluating its use to produce renewable diesel, which aligns with the goals of California’s low carbon fuel standards, as well as the goals of a greenhouse gas cut (greenhouse gas) targets, and a gradual reduction in staff numbers is expected to begin. Next October.

“Its refineries on the western coast of the United States are operating at about 50% of its capacity, as the decline in demand due to corona is the most severe,” Marathon said in May.


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