Palestinian cinema is dear to the heart of Sardinia


Between August 17 and 22, the Italian island of Sardinia will witness the activities of the “Earth Festival for Palestinian and Arab Cinema” organized by the “Friendship Association – Sardinia Palestine” for the seventeenth year in a row.

The event was scheduled to take place last March, but was postponed due to the Corona virus. 31 films will participate in the festival, chosen from among the 75 works that applied to participate in the competition for the best film and best cinematic work on Palestine, in addition to the awards for “Emerging Director” and “Audience” and others. The jury consists of director Monica Maurer, novelist Ibrahim Nasrallah, Professor Wassim Dahmash, Professor Patricia Menduki, Cinematic Library Head Antonello Zanda, Director Andrea Moura and Professor Franca Piras. Subscribe to «News» on YouTube Here


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