Oleandern … a possible treatment for Corona raises Trump’s “enthusiasm”


Soon students of some American schools and universities enjoyed a warm reception and return to study, after months of closure since mid-March, until some educational institutions closed their doors again, due to a rapid outbreak of the Corona pandemic among their students.

Some American universities and schools reopened their doors from this month, while others are preparing to return next month.

Distance education institutions have chosen via the Internet only, while many schools and universities have decided to combine attendance in person with e-learning.

The University of North Carolina, one of the largest universities that had decided to return education in person, said Monday that it “will switch to teaching online to undergraduates after tests showed a rapid spread of the virus.”

The percentage of students who tested positive for the Coronavirus reached 13.6 percent, up from 2.8 percent in just the first two weeks of school.

And in the state of Georgia, a third high school in Cherokee County closed its doors to students, according to the county school district, citing an increase in the number of positive cases of corona infection at the “Creek View” High School to 25, with nearly a third of students entering quarantine.

“As we have said since we announced the reopening, we will not hesitate to isolate students and close classrooms in an attempt to continue operating the school with direct attendance for as long as possible,” the district said in a statement on Sunday.

And the “Broken Bow” school district in the state of Nebraska announced, on Saturday, that it was canceling classes after three employees were tested positive and 24 others were in quarantine.

Last Wednesday, US President Donald Trump criticized the plans of some school districts to make some students personally attend school for limited days per week, while in the rest of the days education is online, so that there is an opportunity to practice social distancing, and he described that as a matter. Silly “.

As of the 30th of last July, about 339,000 children had been infected since the start of the epidemic, according to data from the American Academy of Paediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association, according to a report by the Washington Post.

The United States remains, the country most affected by the virus, with 170,281 deaths, and more than five million and 400,000 infections.


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