News 24 | Today, pilgrims perform the farewell tawaaf, the last rituals of Hajj


Today, Sunday (Sunday), pilgrims perform the farewell tawaaf, the last ritual of the Hajj, after completing today the three Jamarat rituals on the second of the days of Tashreeq.

Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Abdel-Fattah Mashat, explained that after pilgrims throw ritual stones, they will go this afternoon to the Grand Mosque to perform the farewell tawaaf.

He indicated that after the pilgrims finish their rituals, they will undergo a medical examination before leaving Makkah Al-Mukarramah, in order to ensure their safety, pointing out that they will return to the house isolation, as part of the precautionary measures established for the period after the completion of the rituals of Hajj.

For his part, the commander of the Special Force for the Security of the Grand Mosque, Major General Yahya al-Aqil, confirmed that all necessary preparations and arrangements have been made in the Grand Mosque to receive pilgrims to perform the farewell tawaaf.

He said that a plan had been put in place for pilgrims to enter the Sacred Mosque from certain doors, according to specific paths from the time of entry until going down to the nave, distributing them on the paths where spatial divergence was taken into account, and starting to circumvent collectively.


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