News 24 | Islamic Affairs in Riyadh: Operating 4 internal speakers for mosques and setting the external amplifiers to 4 degrees


The branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Advocacy and Guidance in Riyadh confirmed that all imams and muezzins of mosques and mosques have been instructed to adhere to limiting the number of loudspeaker headphones in mosques to only 4 and removing more than this number.

He pointed out that the loudspeaker devices should be set to a maximum of 4 degrees, taking into account the closure of the external speakers when giving lessons and lectures, stressing that the responsibility of the application rests with the imam and muezzin of the mosque.

The Director General of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Branch in Riyadh, Dr. Ali bin Salem Al-Harithi, explained that the circular came because of the large number of observations on the high external sound level of mosques and the inconvenience that this causes to the neighbors, in addition to the interference of mosque voices.


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