News 24 | Human Resources: The groups most vulnerable to infection with corona must submit a medical report stating their condition


The official spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Nasser Al-Hazzani, said that the groups most at risk of infection with the emerging corona virus and those who will work remotely must have a medical report stating their condition.

He explained that some of them are over the age of 65, and those with chronic lung disease, severe asthma, heart disease, hereditary or acquired immunodeficiency, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure and liver cirrhosis.

In an intervention on the Al-Akhbariya channel, Al-Hazani stressed the adherence to preventive and precautionary measures against the Coronavirus, the most important of which are spacing and the use of sterilizers, and that employees will attend to work according to the announced flexible working hours system.


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