News 24 | Hill’s agent: The decision to ban cardamom will affect prices … and the damage is great for exporters (video)


An Indian Hill agent expected that the Kingdom’s decision to prevent the import of cardamom will affect the prices in the market, noting that the damage is great for exporters from India.

The agent, Salem bin Mahfouz, said that the Spice Board Indian He did not comply with the standards and conditions of the Food and Drug Authority in the Kingdom, indicating that the Kingdom did not completely prevent the import of cardamom, but it prevented non-conformities from him To the specifications.

He added, in an intervention with Al-Ikhbariya, that the authority granted the Indian Spice Council 3 months to amend the specifications so that they are in conformity, stressing that the council is trying to impede those attempts.

And he noted that there Types Various types of cardamom, some of them conform to the specifications, pointing out that the Kingdom’s decision caused a decrease in the prices of cardamom in India.


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