News 24 | “Education” explains how to evaluate students on the “My School” platform


The Ministry of Education clarified the educational activities available through the “Madrasati” platform, as well as the mechanism that will be relied upon in evaluating students.

The ministry said that the student’s evaluation on the platform is carried out through periodic electronic tests that are uploaded to the platform by the teacher, and the activities and performance tasks that have been submitted to the student, attending virtual classes, his active participation with the teacher and colleagues and his commitment to digital etiquette, pointing out that the student He can see his performance through the reports provided by the platform.

The ministry added that students can carry out all the simultaneous and non-synchronized educational activities using e-learning tools through the platform, such as sharing with colleagues and the teacher, solving electronic assignments and submitting them electronically, participating in discussion sessions with the teacher and school personnel, and communicating with the teacher via e-mail and teacher rooms.

She indicated that the platform contains various educational resources such as video and cartoon videos, augmented reality, 3D resources, stories, educational books, Microsoft Office 365 programs, and educational resources through which the English language is taught, as well as a math club, and a bank of more than 100 thousand electronic questions for the courses. All scholastic.

my school

my school


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