News 24 | Chinese Ambassador: I ate “Almento” in China and Saudi Arabia … and cooks and tweeters disagree on its origin


The Chinese ambassador to the Kingdom, Chen Weiqing, said, through his Twitter account, that he had previously eaten “Elmento” food in the Kingdom, and that it was called the same name in China, while many tweeters interacted with him, as they disagreed on his origins.

He added that it tastes similar to what is made in “Xinjiang” – talking about “East Turkistan” inhabited by the Muslim Uyghur minority – and other areas. Noting that the friendly exchange throughout history also includes food.

Tweeters – among them chefs – interacted, speaking about “Almento” and its types. Some of them showed pictures of it and described it as “Al Munto Hijazi”, while others confirmed that it was an expatriate food to the Kingdom, while a restaurant intervened and offered the ambassador to try “Al-Muqlal” and “Al-Muqtad.”


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