News 24 | Al-Zaqqa: the intense heat wave shrinkage starts from tomorrow … and the hottest days of the year are in these two seasons


The astronomer, Dr. Khaled Al-Zaqqa, predicted that the heat wave will start to shrink from tomorrow (Monday), and that the improvement of the weather will be significant by the end of this week.

Al-Zaqqa ‘said that the temperatures continue in their normal nature until the start of the “Suhail” season, which remains for about 19 days.

He noted that the high temperatures usually come with the first season of “Balzam”, noting that with the vision of the “Balzam” star, extreme temperatures begin to break.

He pointed out that the hottest days of the year are in the season of the packet and the caliph, which number 26 days, indicating that it remains a week for the season to enter the season.


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