“New Hiroshima” … the full story of the massive Beirut explosion


Direct – Omar Hassan: On August 4, 2020, as in Lebanon, the inhabitants of its capital, Beirut, were terrified by the sound of a huge explosion. No one knows its source, after a quiet day, so darkness became impossible due to the rising flames in the sky of Beirut. What happened?

Fire and then a massive explosion

Urgent news on the official news agency in Lebanon, quoting its correspondent that strong explosions were heard in Beirut, which reverberated in the capital and the suburbs..

The incident started with a major fire at Amber No. 12 near the wheat silos at the Beirut port, where a bunker was located, according to the first official account.

Soon it developed into a massive explosion that left dozens of dead and hundreds injured, so that the director general of public security in Lebanon, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, stated that the word crackers were ridiculous, and that there High explosive materials Confiscated years ago.

The director of security said: It is not possible to preempt investigations and say that there is a terrorist act that led to the explosion of a warehouse in the Beirut port, according to the Lebanese National News Agency.

Firefighting teams rushed to try to control the fire that spanned more than an hour, he said Governor of Beirut, Marwan Aboud, 10 of the firefighters have disappeared and no information about them is available to date

The governor added: “There was a fire in the beginning, after which the explosion occurred, whose causes we do not know. The explosion is similar to what happened in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I have not witnessed my life with such destruction … This is a national catastrophe, this is a disaster for Lebanon.”

Dead and wounded … and countless losses

Fast growing pace Dead and woundedAs the Health Minister Hamad Hassan stated that the initial outcome of the Beirut port explosion reached 50 dead and more than 2750 wounded, as of this writing.

The explosion caused great damage in Baabda PalaceIt shattered the windows of the galleries, the entrances and the salons, and the doors and windows in the palace wings.

وقال Sa’ad Al HaririThe former Lebanese Prime Minister, in a tweet via his Twitter account, said that the losses of the Beirut port explosion are too large to be described, saying: “Beirut is crying out” and calling everyone to the rescue of its people.

Emergency in Lebanon

A few hours after the explosion, he called Lebanese President Michel Aoun to an emergency meeting of the Supreme Council of Defense, in which ministers: Defense Zeina Akkar, Interior Brigadier General Mohamed Fahmy, Finance Ghazi Wazni, Foreign Affairs Charbel Wahba, Economy Raoul Neama, Justice Mary Claude Najm, Works Michel Najjar, and Health Hamad Hassan participated in.

The President gave instructions to all armed forces to work to deal with the repercussions of the Big Bang, and to patrol the affected districts of the capital and suburbs to control security.

President Aoun also asked to provide first aid to the wounded and the injured at the expense of the Ministry of Health, and to provide shelter for families who were displaced as a result of the enormous damage to property.

During a televised speech, Prime Minister Hassan Diab stressed that what happened regarding the explosion of the port of Lebanon will not pass without reckoning, saying: “A catastrophe that we can only overcome with determination and determination … Those responsible for this disaster will pay the price and this is a promise to the martyrs and the wounded.”

The Prime Minister appealed to the “friendly” countries to stand by Lebanon to smile about the garage of his people.

The commissioner of the government to the Acting Military Court, Judge Fadi Akiki, instructed all security services to conduct investigations and investigations, and to gather information to find out the truth about the explosion that occurred in the port.

For his part, Lebanese Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy issued a decision Cancels the procedures Related to the general closure of public and private institutions and curfews, which were supposed to take effect from tomorrow in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

International support

I followed Arab countries The Beirut Port explosion with great interest, and each of: Egypt, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, issued statements confirming standing by Lebanon in its ordeal, and researching how to help Lebanon in this delicate circumstance.

Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the ruler of the Emirate of Qatar, directed the dispatch of field hospitals to Lebanon, during his intervention with Lebanese President Michel Aoun.


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