NBA .. Harden leads Rimontada Rockets with 49 points



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James Harden led his Houston Rockets to turn the table against his opponent Dallas Mavericks and beat him 153-149 after extra time, in the first game of the two teams in the NBA after the competition wheel returned to spin after a long pause due to the Corona virus.

Harden scored 49 points, Russell Westbrook added 31 points and had 11 rebounds, turning Rockets’ 14 points behind to win.

Mavericks player Luca Doncic scored 3 double numbers for the 15th time in the league, after he scored 28 points, took 13 rebounds, gave 10 assists for his team, while fellow teammate Christaps Borzingsis scored 39 points and 16 rebounds.

4 exciting wins

San Antonio Spurs’s Demar Deruzan scored 27 points and made 10 to lead his team to a victory over Sacramento Kings 129-120, after the match referred to a 112-112 draw nearly 4 minutes before the end, as Deruzan scored 8 points from the next 13 Spurs, and his teammate Derek White 26 points, while Rudy Jay scored 19 as a substitute.

The match was exciting in its turn, as San Antonio regained the lead in the third quarter with a score of 96-92 after it was late, before Derouzan scored 8 points in the last quarter, while Sacramento did not score any points in the last two minutes and 50 seconds.

While Yannis Antitocombo scored 36 points and took the ball 15 times, leading the Milwaukee Bucks to a 119-112 victory over the Boston Celtics last night in the first match for the two teams after the NBA resumed.

Cameron Johnson and Devin Booker scored the Phoenix Suns 18 points combined in the first quarter to help their team win a score of 125-112 over Washington Wizards.

The Suns were in desperate need to win the opening game of a busy schedule of games that would become progressively more difficult, but it wasted time making a big difference from Wizards who played the match without his stars John Wow, Bradley Bell and Davis Bertans.

Against the Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards in the NBA

CG McCallum scored 33 points and added Damian Lillard 29 to lead the Portland Trail Blazers to beat the Memphis Grizzlies 140-135 after extra time.

Portland advanced 37-30 in the first half after which increased the difference to score 75-62 in the third quarter, and Trail Blazers played from behind a long period of the fourth quarter but maintained its lead.

Two last three shots from Carmelo Anthony in the last minute and 23 seconds were awarded Portland’s 124-122 lead but with 37.5 seconds remaining on the end Brandon Clark, who scored 21 points for Memphis as a substitute, threw in a goal through which he leveled.

Portland Trailblazers players delight in defeating Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA

In extra time, McCollum scored a three-pointer, and then added Trent, another trilogy between 17 points he scored as a substitute, as he succeeded in executing 4 triple-lows between 5 in the match, compared to 3 of 6 for Macolum.


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