Nancy Salah reveals the truth about her injury in the Beirut explosion


The artist revealed Nancy SalahOne of the heroines of the “Light Lions” series, which is currently being filmed in Beirut, the fact that she was injured in the explosion that shook the capital last Tuesday. Through her account on “Instagram”, as she commented on the photo she published, saying: “Praise be to God for everything.” She also did not reveal more details about her injury.

After raising public concern about her if she had been hit by the Beirut bombings that rocked the capital and its neighborhoods, Nancy thanked everyone who asked about her after the incident yesterday, and wrote through a post on Facebook: “I want to thank all the people who spoke to me so that they can reassure me. To God and well, and all the people with me and the series Aswad Fateh are all fine, and nobody got anything … I got the injury that I got at the time of the explosion, but I happened the second day of the explosion, because the bathroom glass was compressed because of the explosion and I was in the bathroom, and suddenly it exploded. Eddy .. Praise be to God, I knew to speak to my companions who were present in the hotel and followed me and our soul in the hospital, and for now I am fine, praise be to God .. we are here and complete the filming, and God willing, we will return well .. and thanks to the production company.

Nancy Salah, on her Facebook account, explains that she is fine and was not injured on the day of the Beirut bombings (Tuesday)

Nancy Salah has been present for more than a week in the Lebanese capital Beirut to complete the filming of the “Light Lions” series. She posted a picture after the explosion through her account on “Instagram” to show solidarity with Lebanon, and commented on it saying: “Our Lord protects Lebanon from all evil and all the country.” Arabic .. Oh God, Amen .. Cold and peace be upon you, O Lebanon.

Immediately after the artist Nancy Salah published a picture of her injury, her colleague, Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, commented, writing: “Amin, O Lord, thank God for your safety, Nancy.” The artist Azouz Adel also interacted with what the Egyptian artist published.

Nancy Salah
Nancy Salah

Actress Nancy Salah is currently showing her the series “Kingdom of Satan” and “Una I”, and she also participated in the series “Sukkar Ziyadah”, “My Share and Qismatak 3” and Abu Arousa.

Producer Mohamed Al-Adl tweeted on his Twitter account to reassure the audience about the state of the team of the series “Light Lions”. He wrote: “Praise be to God for the safety of the crew of the series“ Light Black, ”directed by Karim Al Adl, in Beirut. All the staff are doing fine. ”

A large group of stars participate in the new series, most notably the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, Ahmed Fahmy, Omar Al-Saeed, Sabri Fawaz, and Firas Saeed, and the work is written by Amin Jamal and directed by Mohamed Al-Adl.

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