Nancy Ajram’s husband injured after his clinic was destroyed in the Beirut explosion, and the star postpones her concert on “Tik Tok”


Actress Nancy Ajram reassured the public today of her condition after the Beirut explosion, and revealed that her husband Fadi Al-Hashem was injured, and that her new concert on Tik Tok was postponed due to the current situation.

Fadi Al-Hashem, Nancy Ajram’s husband, was injured in the Beirut explosion

Gigi Lamara, Nancy Ajram’s business manager, revealed in his statements to the program “and In Arabic, “Nancy Ajram’s husband, Fadi Al Hashim, was injured in the head and back after the windows were shattered and the face of his medical clinic due to the Beirut explosion, and Lamara reassured the public about Nancy Ajram’s husband’s condition after his injury.

Nancy Ajram postponed her concert on “Tik Tok”

Gigi Lamara reassured the public about Nancy Ajram’s health and said that she was with her family and was far from the site of the bombing, and revealed that Nancy Ajram’s new party had been postponed on the application of “Tik Tok”, which was scheduled for tomorrow due to the current conditions in Beirut, and he said that they would announce later His new date in agreement with Tik Tok.

The concert was scheduled to be held tomorrow evening in one of the distinguished sites in Beirut, and it will be broadcasted directly on the application “Tik Tok”, for the first time in the Middle East, and Nancy Ajram promoted the concert in the recent period and published a video of the scenes and installations of the concert stage, as well as a video with her daughters to promote For the party on Tik Tok before it is postponed.

Nancy Ajram comments on the Beirut explosion

The Beirut explosion canceled all the activities of Nancy Ajram, including work on her new songs, which were also scheduled to be released during this month to compete in the summer season. Nancy Ajram expressed her grief over the Beirut explosion and published several tweets on Twitter saying: “And the tear remains .. O Lord, we have nothing but you … Lebanon. “


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