Nadine Njeim from her home announces her willingness to move – photo and video


Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Najim was injured in the horrific Beirut bombing, which killed 178 people and wounded thousands, on August 4.

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Nadine-Njeim was tormented a lot and lived difficult moments like the injured and those affected by the huge and unprecedented explosion, and she said that God protected her from a greater disaster, and the right side of her face had more than 150 stitches, as for her nose was crushed by the power of the explosion.

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Today, Njeim posted a video clip from her home after she recovered from her wounds, and after she left the hospital, and announced that she had begun restoring her home in preparation for her departure and moving to another place, but she did not clarify where she would move.

Despite her pain, she did not escape the comments when she spoke about her decision to leave Lebanon with her two children, and some did not respect her feelings or the difficult moments that she faced and saw with her own eyes due to the bombing of the port, which occupied the whole world without exception.

She posted her photo with her two children from the hospital and wrote:

(I thank my Lord a thousand times He has forbidden me. Did the moment not deprive my child of me? I thank my Lord every moment and every second. He is kind to me and helped me. My wounds are good quickly and their impact is great. My heart is with every mother and every child was a victim. Is there an assault that follows on us? You know what is the common point? ” Between the Lebanese?

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Nadine Njeim with her two children in the hospital


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