Moon coupled with Jupiter and Saturn in August



Moon coupled with Jupiter and Saturn in August

The occurrence of Mars in the perihelion point closest to Earth

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The Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah issued a calendar of the most prominent astronomical events for August 2020.

The most important astronomical events in August

The report included two associations, the first between the moon and Jupiter, and the second between the moon and the planet Saturn, and the pairing occurs between two celestial bodies that are apparently close to each other when they are located along the same celestial longitude.
The calendar monitored the occurrence of Mars at the point of perihelion, which is the closest point in the planet’s orbit around the sun, as the planet revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit. A point of the sun called the apogee.

Perseid meteors activity

The report highlighted activity in Perseid Meteors from July 17 to August 24 of each year, while peaking on August 12-13, while the average number of meteors reaches about 100 meteors per hour, and can be monitored from after midnight until just before dawn The chances of seeing it increase, observing meteors requires a clear atmosphere from the clouds, and the observation site is free of lights.
The report pointed out that Venus reaches the maximum western elongation and the elongation is the angular distance between the sun and the planet in relation to the Earth, while the maximum elongation is the highest elevation the planet reaches above the horizon and the planet is seen over the eastern horizon for a short period before sunrise when it is in its western maximum elongation, As it is the most appropriate and appropriate time to observe the flower.


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