Mohamed Hany is a 24-year-old youth who leads the right front at Al-Ahly


“The future of the right front in Al-Ahly” Behind this phrase, Mohamed Hany, the right-back of the red team, hid for a long time since his escalation to the first team in the 2015 season, where he got a full opportunity with more than one technical manager who took over the management of Al-Ahly club, and with every mistake he hid behind the famous phrase “The future of the right front,” however, the recent loss Al-Ahly club suffered from its traditional rivals Zamalek in the matchday 21 in the league match, 3-1, erased the misleading phrases that Hani hid behind for long periods.

Mohamed Hani and the escalation trip for the first team

Five years ago, Mohamed Hani was promoted to the club’s team AhlyAnd, the player enjoyed great support and support from the fans or coaches who took on the technical responsibility of the red team, and despite his presence with a veteran player on the same front like Ahmed Fathy, Hany did not learn anything new and kept what he learned in the youth sector.

Muhammad Hani, the future of the right front

With his childhood features, Hani disappeared in the shadow of “the future of the family”, even after reaching the age of 24, and the masses continued to treat him as a new escalation with every mistake or default, but some errors are above forgiveness, which raised Al-Ahlia’s concern.

Muhammad Hani raises Alahlia fears after the departure of the Joker

In a short period, Al-Ahly club enters a difficult challenge. With the departure of Ahmed Fathy at the end of the current season to Pyramids, Mohamed Hani will be the first and last official in charge of the right front in the Red Castle, and with a fluctuating level and declining defensive performance, that front is in immediate danger, especially with the African confrontations. And strong matches.

Mohamed Hani’s matches with Al-Ahly

Mohamed Hany, since his promotion to the first team in January 2015, has participated with Al-Ahly in 108 games during five years, scoring 3 goals and making 9 others.

Mohamed Hani escapes from the social media fans

And after the summit match, Hani closed all his social media accounts after the fans launched a violent attack on the player, which was a major cause of loss in light of the retreat in the defensive level throughout the events of the match.


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