Mohamed Adel: New sanctions await Ayman Hefny because of his statements


Mohamed Adel, supervisor of the ball at the Contractors Club, confirmed that the club’s administration will impose fines on Ayman Hifni, the team player after his statements in which he attacked the contractors ’administration. Mohamed Adel said in TV statements that Ayman Hefni is a player in the contractors until now and the clearing department has not been informed of canceling the loan with The player, and the ball supervisor in Al-Muqawloon, added that fines will be applied, especially as he attacked the club’s management with incidents that did not happen.

Mohamed Adel revealed that he tried to contain the player and know the problems he was suffering and led to his absence from the training, stressing that he had asked the senior players in the team to talk to him and contain the crisis, but that the player did not respond to the contacts and attempts of the contractors.

As confirmed Ayman Hefny Egypt’s player to clear loan to Arab contractors in previous statements, he missed one training with mountain wolves two months ago.

He pointed out that he was surprised by the decision of Imad Al-Nahhas, the coach of the team to cut his loan, explaining that he could not come to the club to undergo the first smear, and requested to attend the second smear and had no problems in bearing its financial expenses and the club agreed to this, adding: the former player of Zamalek, in TV statements, The request to meet the coach or Mohamed Adel, the team’s general supervisor, especially that he is the first time to miss any practice, explaining that he asked a friend to intervene to communicate with Al-Nahas, but he informed him that the decision is final and irreversible. Hefny explained that he had been transferred to legal affairs, noting that if he had been in the club they would not have done so with him.


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