Moderna announces pricing of upcoming Corona vaccine | Al Anbaa Newspaper


Moderna said: The dose of its experimental vaccine for the Corona virus was priced between $ 32 and $ 37 on average for contracts for smaller deals, higher than the price set by the US deal for the Pfizer candidate’s vaccine.

With the development of a vaccine for Covid-19 vaccine reached a critical stage by testing many potential vaccines in the last stage studies; Pricing for vaccines is becoming increasingly scrutinized.

“We will be responsible for the price well below the value (of the vaccine) during the epidemic period,” Stefan Bansel, CEO of Moderna said in a conference call. Adding that the contracts of larger size will have a lower price for the vaccine.

And the US government concluded – last month – an agreement to buy an experimental vaccine developed by Pfizer and Bio.Ntech. With the goal of securing a sufficient vaccine to vaccinate 50 million US dollars, about $ 40 per person. Our two-dose vaccine system will cost between $ 64 and $ 74 per person.

Moderna has received about $ 1 billion from the US government under a plan to accelerate vaccine development. It has not yet concluded an agreement to supply the vaccine to the United States.

The company said today that it is in talks with several countries to sign agreements to supply its vaccine; Adding that it has already received about $ 400 million in introductions for eventual supply contracts.

Moderna fell 5% in early trade yesterday.


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