Mnuchin stresses that Tik Tok must be sold or banned in the United States


US Treasury Secretary Stephen_Mnuchin confirmed on Sunday that it must either sell, or ban the application of the Chinese “#tech_tok” in the United States, due to concerns related to national security, in a new US warning.

He said that “Tik Tok” cannot “continue in its present form.”

Mnuchin did not directly comment on US President Donald Trump’s threat to ban the widespread application of video recording.

He pointed out that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which he chairs, is looking at the file “Tik Tok”, which is particularly popular with young people, as it enables them to publish and view short video recordings, and the number of its users around the world is about one billion.

But US officials have said it might be a tool for Chinese intelligence, which is denied by the application.

Mnuchin told ABC on Sunday: “I will publicly say that the whole committee agrees that Tik Tok cannot maintain its current form as it carries the risk of sending information about a hundred million Americans” to outside destinations.

He reported that he had spoken to congressional leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, on what could be done with regard to Tik Tok operations in the United States.

He said: “We agree on the need to make a change. Either a forced sale or the application is banned. Everyone agrees that it cannot continue in its current form.”

The Washington Post reported Saturday that negotiations with Microsoft to buy Tik Tok, owned by the Chinese Byte Dance Group, in the United States were stalled after Trump threatened to block the application.

Tik Tok defended itself on Saturday, and its general manager in the United States, Vanessa Papas, assured users that the company was working to provide them with “the most secure application” in light of US concerns about information security.

“We do not intend to go anywhere,” she said in a message posted on the app.

A catastrophic red streak and beware what awaits us in the fall!


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