Miss Lebanon 2015 enters the golden cage with a royal wedding … and security forces intervene (photos and videos)




Yesterday, Saturday, Miss Lebanon for 2015 Valerie Abu Chakra entered the golden cage by marrying businessman Ziad Ammar, at a royal wedding ceremony, a look that overflows with beauty and elegance, but the security forces interfere a little.

The actress and the former beauty queen celebrated her marriage to the patriarchal edifice in Bkerke, which is considered the largest and most prestigious Christian edifice in Lebanon, with the blessing of Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, the largest religious body for the Maronites in the world.

Miss Lebanon 2015 enters the golden cage with a royal wedding ... and security forces intervene (photos and videos)


And pioneers of social networking sites shared some pictures and videos from the atmosphere of the royal wedding, where Valerie appeared in a stunning wedding dress signed by the international fashion house “Dior”



The Lebanese media, Yomna Sherry, revealed that the security forces implemented the decisions taken previously to stop celebrations and events during this period to prevent Corona virus, and arrested the wedding of Miss Lebanon for the year 2015, Valery Abu Chakra.

It is mentioned that actress Valerie Abu Chakra defied her wedding ceremony the conditions that Lebanon is going through, especially in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic, the high number of injuries, and the imposition of measures that prevent celebrations and even wedding occasions during this period.

The two brides complemented their joy through the ceremony held in the open air, and gathered a limited number of close friends and Valerie’s friends, most notably the actress Cynthia Samuel, as they appeared while dancing with the Dabke band and enjoying their time.

It should be noted that Valery Abu Chakra was surprised about a year ago by the offer of businessman Ziyad Ammar to marry in a charming and romantic atmosphere.

Source: social media


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