Minister of Health: The high number of martyrs in the Port explosion!


The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Dr. Hamad Hassan, held a meeting with the emergency official at the World Health Organization, Rick Brenen, in the presence of the organization’s representative in Lebanon, Dr. Iman Al-Shanqeeti. The research dealt with ways to face the health challenges that multiplied after the port explosion, at a time when Lebanon suffers from the continuing high number of COVID-19 cases.

Minister Hassan pointed out during the meeting that the number of victims of the port explosion had risen to 171, while the number of missing persons ranged between 30 and 40 missing. Also, about 1500 wounded people require special delicate treatments, knowing that 120 wounded are still in intensive care.

He added, “The Lebanese health system has absorbed the first shock, and the medical staff showed skill and professionalism, but the shortage of medical equipment and supplies is great. He noted that a number of countries offered to treat the wounded.”
He pointed out “the necessity to devise a systematic intervention and follow-up strategy to secure the necessary care for those who need it in Lebanon.” And he declared that “he asked the relevant departments in the Ministry of Health to prepare a detailed list of all the medical implants, organ transplant equipment and orthopedic equipment needed by the seriously injured, so that the assistance is directed and useful.”

Minister Hassan said: “The Ministry of Public Health has received from the Lebanese Army lists of donations related to the health sector that have arrived from various countries, to be distributed through the ministry.

The Minister of Public Health also thanked WHO officials for standing by Lebanon in the face of the Corona pandemic. ”He explained,“ 26 surveillance teams affiliated with the Ministry of Public Health are continuing their work in 23 districts to track cases and contacts and count infections despite the examinations, after the government’s decision to open the country, It is now distributed between residents and arrivals through the crossings, which negatively affected the ability to contain the epidemic in the resident community.

Dr. Hassan stressed the following:
First – The necessity to allocate, within a period of no more than ten days, a field hospital to treat people with COVID-19, provided that the hospital is ready to receive all types of injuries, from those that include mild symptoms to those that need extreme care and respirators.

Second – the importance of relying on a new treatment protocol so that the necessary and close health attention is given to those who have mild symptoms in anticipation of the potential for rapid deterioration in their health and to avoid transferring them to intensive care. ”

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